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The scarves brand alek. is the result of an evolution of the Greek designer Alexander Karathanassis through a fusion of the bohemian spirit, the desire to travel and wear a scarf like a protective talisman.


A graduate in industrial design and a strong career as a luxury fashion buyer in the ready-to-wear industry, his experiences and positive encounters with artisans in India will lead to the birth of the brand in 2013.

While observing a south Indian woman drawing a rangoli at the entrance of her house , the idea to create scarves arose. 
Sharing several months with this family, the idea grew up day after day by seeing these organic forms, made with patience and care for a protection of the house, of the family.

So was born the first alek. collection.

The creation of alek. scarves begins with a white sheet where come to settle heap of multicolored paints which will be folded, ironed and where the brush will help train deliberate drawing.
Every design will finally be photographed, digitized and worked again by the last creative process that is the computer and so to allow nuances of colors and forms.

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